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Buy Könnig 1 Gallon/4L Lawn, Yard and Garden Pressure Sprayer For Chemicals, Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides with FREE Pair of Garden Gloves Online

 Do you Want to buy Könnig Yard and Garden Pressure Sprayer? 

Are you worried about Chemicals, Fertilizer, Herbicides, and Pesticides for how to spray them in your Garden without touching your hands safe your skin? Here you will get a solution for this Issue. In these days you know garden protection is the must for your environment and you know how to do it but you haven't any weapon for using that Idea because in your Idea you would use chemicals which is very harmful to our skin. So I will tell you the best way to use those chemicals and save your skin.
For this solution, you should have bought this amazing gadget Könnig Pressure Sprayer it's an amazing garden and home decor solution for you. As I have used this product and I know how simple to use it. Its Operation is very easy and I got a guideline book in which I found step by step solution and instructions to use it.

Buy Amazon Könnig Pressure sprayer for Garden and Lawn

now I am very happy to use it. Because this is an interesting gadget for those who want to save their garden plants. You could buy this product from Amazon. I will give you a buy Now Button in the last of this Article.

What are the Product specification and features?


• Our garden sprayer has a fully adjustable wand nozzle from spray to mist, lockable trigger mechanism, and water flow regulator

• Our action pump sprayer has the translucent graduated bottle in liters and fluid ounces for accuracy when filling, or mixing

• 1 Gallon/4 liter pump action pressure sprayer has a pressure release valve and heavy duty shoulder strap

• Our pesticide sprayer can be used with water & non-viscous water-based or soluble products including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers

• Garden pressure sprayer includes 570mm watering wand/lance, thicken base and longer hose for use in awkward or inaccessible places

Product description

Size:1 Gallon

1 Gallon Premium Quality Pump Action Pressure Garden Sprayer with 1 Pair of Garden Gloves
Perfect for keeping your home and garden looking great all year long!
Homeowners can easily spray fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides outdoors, then take it inside to disinfect or spray for bugs
Funnel top makes mess-free pouring and mixing
Comes with 1 free pair of garden gloves (size M)

Instructions for use:
Add concentrated material to the tank
Add water to a marked fill line
The remaining air is pressurized by pumping the handle a designated number of times, and the sprayer delivers the material under pressure
A control lever on the wand controls the spray pattern and amount
This sprayer provides a precise, on target, no drift spray effective for soil and lawn pests
Adjust the sprayer for a course, drenching spray, a concentrated stream or a fine mist

Item dimensions: 13.5 in* 7 in * 7 in

Weight: 2 LBS


Early Spring

Lawn weeds: Apply herbicide either when weed is actively growing or before it emerges, depending on the weed. Read the pesticide label for directions.


Dormant Lawn weeds: Apply herbicide either when weed is actively growing or before it emerges, depending on the weed.


Outdoor areas: Eliminate mosquito-breeding places (standing water, weed patches, etc.). Spray resting places (flowers, shrubs, dense foliage, outdoor walls and under leaves).


Foundation spraying: Spray the foundation around your house, especially in the fall. Crawling insects are less likely to cross this pesticide barrier. Spray just to the point of runoff and spray all the way around the house. Also, spray a 2- to 4-inch band of soil alongside the foundation.